During Covid-19…….

During Covid-19…..

During this very unusual time the team at Ulms will be here to offer support to all our clients including the many who work in essential service roles.  We will be available for you all, when you need, to keep you looking and most importantly feeling good!

We will therefore have flexible hours and be available from Wednesday through Saturday by appointment.

Online bookings have been temporarily suspended in order for us to best manage bookings while adhering to all restrictions.

Please be assured that we are maintaining extremely high hygiene measures:

  • sanitizing all work stations and chairs after each client
  • sanitizing all basin chairs and basins after each client
  • sanitizing the front reception an eftpos machine after every client
  • washing all capes and towels thoroughly after every use
  • sanitizing touch spots (lights, door handles, railings) regularly throughout the day
  • washing and sanitizing our hands between every client
  • we have hand sanitizer available for use at each station
  • we have removed all magazines (so pls bring your own reading material)\

We are also adhering to social distancing regulations using only every 2nd work station (offering approx 2.5m between seats) and limiting the number of people in our space at any one time.

We look forward to continuing to be of service to you, operating with these strict hygiene practices in place and abiding by all industry and government regulations set to ensure the safety and well-being of both our team and our clients.

All the best to everyone and please stay safe & well.

(*we do ask that if you feel unwell in any way at all, please remain at home)